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Guide / Toolkit

The RICHES Toolkit

The RICHES Toolkit includes 13 guides and trainings containing 46 tools. It has been designed for Women’s Economic Empowerment Actors to equip them with practical ideas and tools to integrate and assess child protection and safe business practices throughout their work.


Evidence Review on the Role of Male Engagement in Women’s Economic Empowerment Programs

This review presents four differ­ent reports which outline key findings and recommendations based on the most effective methods for integrating men in the process of women's empowerment.


Evidence Review on Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) and Its Relationship With Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE)

Understanding the evidence of designed interventions to prevent and respond to VAWG


Tsunami Recovery: Rebuilding Aceh

Assessing progress of MFI clients in Tsunami-affected Indonesia

Measuring the Impact of Microfinance: Taking Stock of What We Know

Interpreting the results of microfinance impact studies

Recovery from the Tsunami Disaster: Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development through Microfinance

Identifying "opportunities for impact" in Tsunami recovery projects