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Responsive by Design: Building Adaptive Social Protection Systems in South Asia

Recognizing the importance of a shock-responsive social safety net system that protects all households from falling into poverty, governments and development partners are seeking guidance on how to make social protection programs and delivery systems more flexible and responsive to shocks. The purpose of this report is to apply the adaptive social protection (ASP) framework to the South Asian context to guide future dialogue and policy making.

In responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, South Asian governments and development partners have demonstrated the capacity of their respective systems to respond to a major national crisis. This report draws on such insights, highlighting both the functioning aspects of existing ASP systems and the areas in which further improvement is desirable. It is intended to be a practical and timely guide for government officials, development professionals, and researchers who are interested in enhancing the resilience of social protection systems and, by extension, households, and societies.

About this Publication

By Kelly Johnson & Thomas Walker