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Women's Financial Inclusion: A Guide to Knowledge Resources

To mark International Women's Day 2024, this guide shares the latest blogs and publications on financial services that work for women
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What have we learned over the past year about women's financial inclusion? Blogs and publications shared on FinDev in the last year discussed topics ranging from AI gender bias in financial services to the role of FSPs in the face of economic violence and the use of gender disaggregated data. This Guide provides with you a curated selection of key knowledge resources on these topics and more, as well as a list of upcoming events planned in relation to International Women's Month which we encourage you to check out.

We also invite you to review our recent FinDev Guide on Resilient Rural Women, with an extensive list of resources related to the emerging topic of women's financial inclusion and climate change. 

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Recent Blogs on Women's Financial Inclusion

What Is Economic Violence and What Can Financial Service Providers Do About It?

While it may seem that economic violence could be outside the purview of financial service providers, it is important for the financial inclusion sector to understand and acknowledge this issue.

How to Design Client-Centric Financial Solutions for Women Smallholders

BRAC International Microfinance shares five lessons from their experience designing and testing tailor-made agri-credit solutions in Rwanda, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Agent Gender Matters, but How to Recruit and Retain Women Agents?

This blog post shares four strategies to help FSPs overcome the obstacles they face in onboarding female agents and create an environment that encourages women to join and thrive as agents.

Investing in Gender Diversity and Women’s Leadership

Adama Bah of Oikocredit shares how her organization works with financial service provider partners to advance women’s economic empowerment.

Combating Restrictive Gender Norms in Pakistan

Roshaneh Zafar of Kashf Foundation shares how her organization is tackling key barriers to women’s economic empowerment.

Publications on Women's Financial Inclusion

Supply-Side Gender Disaggregated Data for Advancing Financial Inclusion

This paper explores how supply-side gender-disaggregated data has been collected and used, mainly by financial sector authorities but also by providers, and the challenges and opportunities associated with this work.

What Women Say About Microfinance

This report offers an in-depth look at the impact of microfinance and financial services on women's financial resilience, access to finance, and on their businesses and households. 

The Impact of Financial Inclusion on Young Women’s Well-Being

This working paper finds that in addition to improving financial skills and savings levels, financial inclusion initiatives may also improve health and livelihood outcomes for young women when combined with other interventions.

Women Agents for Financial Inclusion: Exploring the Benefits, Constraints, and Potential Solutions

This working paper explores the benefits of having more women agents, the challenges they face, and potential solutions to promote their participation in the DFS ecosystem.

Reaching Financial Equality for Women

This publication offers a 10-point action plan for governments, companies, and international organizations to help end women's economic exclusion.

Sending Cash Transfers to Women: How to Design Programs that Enhance Well-Being While Safeguarding Against Intimate Partner Violence

This report examines existing evidence on the impact of cash transfers on intimate partner violence against women and proposes design approaches to mitigate and minimize those risks.

Understanding Women Micro-Entrepreneurs’ Use of Mobile Phones for Business

This report provides new data and insights from 10 low- and middle-income countries on the use of mobile phones by women micro-entrepreneurs and the challenges that prevent them from using mobile services for business.

Investing in Equitable AI for Inclusive Finance

This publication gives an overview of the use cases of AI in inclusive finance and some of the drivers of harmful AI bias towards women.

Revolutionizing Product Design in Financial Service

This publication provides FSPs the knowledge to use women-centered design for developing financial products and services that work for women.

The Gender Data Playbook for Women's Financial Inclusion

This playbook offers a step-by-step guide for financial ecosystem stakeholders on how to boost the systematic collection of high-quality, supply-side, sex-disaggregated financial data to drive women’s financial inclusion.

Upcoming Events on Women's Financial Inclusion

WEE-DiFine Webinar: Releasing RFP 4

Join this webinar, during which the presenters will discuss important details regarding the Women’s Economic Empowerment and Digital Finance RFP 4, share insider tips to developing competitive proposals, and answer all questions.

Women and Microfinance: What is the Impact?

Join this informative and candid conversation on the disproportionate challenges facing women and how these challenges can be mitigated with gender smart solutions.

Ending Poverty Through the Power of Women

Join this International Women's Day webinar to go behind the scenes of Grameen Foundation's work to end poverty by investing in the power of women.

FinEquity Africa 2024 Annual Convening

Financial Alliance for Women Annual Summit - Unlocking the Female Economy: Investing in Women Entrepreneurs

This two-day event will include thought provoking discussions, new know-how, and engaging sessions focused on women's financial empowerment.

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