Reaching Financial Equality for Women

A 10-point action plan for governments, companies, and international organizations to help end women's economic exclusion

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the largest reverse in poverty since the Second World War. The UN estimates that at least 388 million women and girls were living in extreme poverty in 2022. Climate shocks are increasing in frequency, with disproportionate impacts on women. Responsible digital finance offers an important avenue to eradicate financial inequality. Unified and urgent action is needed from the public and private sectors alike.

The 10 point action plan included in the publication builds on the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion 2020 policy recommendations and was first launched in the build-up to the 2021 Generation Equality Forum. It aims to help end the continued economic exclusion of half the world’s population and to build more resilient national economies. All 10 actions are equally important: they are not sequential steps but mutually-reinforcing actions for all stakeholders committed to reaching financial equality.