The 11th ICT4D Conference Closes With Uganda’s ICT Minister Calling for Collaboration to Reduce the Cost of Information Technology Services

Honorable Frank Tumwebaze, Uganda’s minister for Information and Communication Technology & National Guidance of Uganda closed the largest ICT4D Conference: "We shouldn’t think that ICT is only for computer scientists in the lab. In these past three days, we have learnt that ICT is everywhere, in Agriculture, Education, and Health etc." He emphasized that digital technologies are not only for educated people - both literate, illiterate and different sectors need ICT. He called for better collaboration to make technology affordable to everyone.

This year’s ICT4D Conference had a strong focus on youth engagement, digital diversity and responsible data. All topics that brought up lively discussions and the need for action on getting digital technologies to program participants, better engaging communities and more co-development of digital programs in agriculture and health, and a general need for better data privacy in the face of cyber security risks.

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