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Fintech for Inclusion Global Summit

This global forum will bring together global leaders across the fintech space to discuss the latest insights and innovations in fintech, build networks with key players in the space, and explore potential investment and partnership opportunities to help create a more financially inclusive world. 


Yabx and Fintech Galaxy Partner to Boost Financial Inclusion in the MENA Region

The collaboration targets initial improvements in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Bahrain with future expansion plans for North Africa. 


Argentine Banks File Complaint Against Mercado Libre Over its Fintech Business

This marks a significant escalation in a longstanding dispute between the financial sector and the Buenos Aires-based fintech giant.

FinDev Blog

Can Smartphone-Supported Behavioral Biometrics Advance Digital Financial Inclusion?

Behavioral biometrics, an emerging technology which uses AI and machine learning to examine behavioral patterns to authenticate users, presents the financial inclusion sector with exciting opportunities as well as challenges.


Promise (Un)kept? Fintech and Financial Inclusion

This paper uses a comprehensive dataset to investigate the relationship between fintech and financial inclusion in a panel of 84 countries over the period 2012–2020 and obtain empirical insights.


Artificial Intelligence Meets Regulatory Compliance: AFI and Vodacom Hold Knowledge Exchange Session

AFI and Vodacom held a unique capacity building event which saw them alternate the roles of trainer. 


Kickstarting the Next Generation of Blockchain Payments

Mastercard is introducing five startups from around the world to its Start Path Blockchain and Digital Assets program to drive best-in-class user experiences and expand use cases that demonstrate the power of blockchain technology.


Tala Establishes a $48.5 Million Loan Channeling Partnership With Maya Bank to Increase Filipinos' Access to Financial Services

Fintech company Tala announced its partnership with Maya Bank, the digital bank leader in the Philippines, marking a significant milestone towards bridging the financial gap for millions of Filipinos.

Guide / Toolkit

FinTech and Digital Financial Services Ecosystem Data for Supervision and Market Intelligence

This report aims to guide regulators and central banks in adopting ecosystem-based data collection approaches, offering practical insights and a standardized taxonomy for enhanced decision-making, supervision, and the pursuit of financial inclusion goals.


Financial Inclusion: Report Seeks More Fintechs’ Investment in Women

According to the report, by using business strategies informed by analyzing sex-disaggregated data, fintech firms could capitalize on the women’s market while contributing to greater financial inclusion for women.