Grassroot Strategy to Realize Financial Inclusion in Indonesia

Source: The Jakarta Post

Indonesian technology company Grab, one of the biggest names looking to make a mark in the segment, is engaged in expanding financial inclusion by adopting a grassroots strategy.

"When we expanded into the fintech space in 2017, we started by acquiring an online-to-offline business, Kudo or now known as GrabKios. At the beginning, we are focusing on empowering traditional mom-and-pops stalls or known as warung by enabling them to purchase the goods for their stalls via the app and also provide various digital products, says Grab Indonesia’s financial technology strategy director, Anandhita Kasetra,

"Our goal now is to empower our agent network to bring financial services to every Indonesian in every corner of the country. It's an exciting space with unexplored opportunities, especially since according to OJK (Financial Services Authority), 51 percent of the adult population in Indonesia does not have a financial account."

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