iiDENTIFii and Zanaco Partner to Accelerate Digital Financial Inclusion in Zambia

Source: AIThority

What measures can Zambian financial institutions put in place in a rapidly-changing digital world to enable financial inclusion? This was the key topic under discussion at a recent panel discussion between iiDENTIFii and Zanaco at the Digital Government Africa (DGA) Summit held at Ciela Resort.

Zambia is on a positive growth trajectory, with GDP projected to grow 4.2 percent in 2024. As the country grows and embraces digital tools to transact and provide access to civil services, companies and government institutions need to ensure that no citizen is left behind. iiDENTIFii, an enterprise-grade provider of biometric identity solutions, is partnering with Zanaco, Zambia’s leading bank, to ensure that identity verification – and the benefits it provides – is accessible to all.

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