Interledger Foundation Accepting Applications for ILP Digital Financial Services Grant

Interledger Foundation (ILF) has announced that it is now accepting applications under its ILP (Interledger Protocol) Digital Financial Services Grant for emerging financial services, products, and innovative solutions geared toward benefitting underserved and underrepresented communities. The ILF, through this grant opportunity, seeks to support members within the Finance, Fintech, Software Development, Digital Rights and Social Venture/Innovation ecosystem to build equitable pathways to digital financial access, inclusion, and opportunity across the world by advancing open payment standards. 

This 2024 grant cycle culminates previous phases (research, development, and prototyping), promising even greater opportunities for diverse ideas. To this end, ILF has launched two tracks in which applicants may submit an interest: 

  • Track 1: Interledger | Enabled (up to 250,000 USD) | This grant opportunity allows existing digital financial service entities to implement Rafiki into their working financial infrastructure, resulting in a new node on the Interledger Network. 
  • Track 2: Interledger | Unlocked (up to 150,000 USD) | This grant opportunity allows for expanding payment options in an existing web-based platform to use our Open Payment APIs. 

This Call for Proposals closes on Friday, August 30, 2024.