Kickstarting the Next Generation of Blockchain Payments

Mastercard is introducing five startups from around the world to its Start Path Blockchain and Digital Assets program to drive best-in-class user experiences and expand use cases that demonstrate the power of blockchain technology. Blockchain and digital assets are already transforming financial services, expanding how people and businesses can use their money to move value. Digital assets are becoming increasingly mainstream, speeding up commerce with trust and transparency. 

Each currency format – from regulated money to bank deposits, to stablecoins and CBDCs – serves a specific purpose, and Mastercard is connecting with industry experts and fintechs to explore differentiated use cases that can help to solve real-world problems. Mastercard’s experience in payments innovation and building a global, card-based payments network uniquely positions the company to bridge these ecosystems with startups, power new solutions and create efficiencies in digital commerce experiences.

"Through Mastercard Start Path, we’re looking to uncover new ways to unlock crypto mass adoption and wider financial inclusion with convenient, global stablecoin payments," says Axel Cateland, founder of Kulipa, one of the selected startups 

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