Microfinance Gateway Becomes Findev Gateway, Reflecting Its Broadening Scope

The Microfinance Gateway, CGAP’s independent knowledge platform, is changing its name to FinDev Gateway. The new brand reflects the platform’s broadening scope in recognition of the role financial inclusion plays in achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

“The new name, FinDev, which stands for ‘Financial Inclusion for Development’, is part of a strategic repositioning of the Gateway, which has evolved from a microfinance online repository established nearly 20 years ago into a knowledge-sharing platform engaging the broader financial inclusion community”, said Greta Bull, CEO of CGAP.

While microfinance practitioners continue to be an important part of FinDev Gateway’s community, its users now include financial service providers, technology firms, investors and other practitioners in the financial inclusion space.

FinDev Gateway will continue to provide easy access to publications, news, events and jobs through its resource library. However, it will place a stronger emphasis on timely and relevant knowledge sharing from practitioners in the field through various mediums: blogs & interviews, webinars and communities of practice.

FinDev’s regional platforms - Spanish, French and Arabic - will continue to enable practitioners to draw lessons, learn and adapt from the experiences of peers in or outside of their respective regions.


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