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Is the BDP Ultra Poor Approach Working? Survey of Some Key Issues

Assessing quality of participation in financial and non-financial services by BDP ultra poor
Case Study

Targeting the Poorest in Microfinance: Poverty Outreach of BDP Ultra Poor Programme

Evaluating the effectiveness of client targeting by measuring relative poverty
Case Study

Microfinance Engagements of the 'Graduated' TUP Members

What drives ultra-poor womens' engagement in microfinance?
Case Study

Combining Methodologies for Better Targeting of the Extreme Poor: Lessons from BRAC's CFPR/TUP Programme

How effective is combining different methodologies to target the extreme poor?
Case Study

Exploring Changes in the Lives of the Ultra Poor: An Exploratory Study on CFPR/TUP Members

How do participants in a poverty reduction program perceive its impact?