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Financial Inclusion Compass 2021

The Financial Inclusion Compass 2021­ is the fourth in a series collating opinions of a range of stakeholders including practitioners, investors, donors, researchers and support service providers on emerging short, medium, and long-term trends in the financial inclusion sector. 

FinDev Webinar

Where Do We Go Now?

Learn what key stakeholders think about current trends and future areas of focus for the financial inclusion sector. In addition, the webinar offers insights from respondents about the perceived impact of the global coronavirus pandemic, the changing roles of various stakeholders, and opportunities for "building back better".


Weathering the Storm II: Tales of Survival From Microfinance Crises Past

This publication shares lessons learned from 16 institutions that dealt with crises, framed by a four-part hierarchy of needs: liquidity, confidence, portfolio, and capital.


Share Your Insights in the Financial Inclusion Compass 2021 Survey

The fourth edition of the e-MFP Compass survey builds on the special edition Covid-19 Financial Inclusion Compass published last year to ask how the pandemic has changed stakeholders' roles and priorities.

Conference -

European Microfinance Week 2021


Apply for the EUR 100,000 European Microfinance Award 2021

Application deadline is 13 April 2021, 23:59 pm CET 


Discover the European Microfinance Week 2020 Conference Report

Delve into the extensive summaries plus full recording of the EMW2020 sessions covering key topics such as the impact of & response to COVID-19, effective & inclusive savings, digital finance, climate change, client protection and more.


Now in English, Spanish and French: EMA2020 Publication on "Encouraging Effective & Inclusive Savings"

This publication pulls together the innovations and factors for success of the top-ten applicants, while outlining the enduring importance of access to savings to strengthen resilience of low-income households.