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European Microfinance Week 2023

European Microfinance Week (EMW), hosted by e-MFP, is one of the top events in the financial inclusion calendar and a unique meeting point for microfinance and financial inclusion professionals working worldwide.


EMA2023: Inclusive Finance for Food Security & Nutrition - Applications Now Open for EUR 100,000 Prize!

The European Microfinance Award 2023 is inviting applications from organizations working in financial inclusion that aim to safeguard access to quality and affordable food for vulnerable populations.

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WASH and Financial Inclusion: A Set of Indicators to Guide the Activities of Impact Investors in the WASH Sector

This study shares the result of an e-MFP WASH Action Group project aiming to identify a set of priority indicators to be used by impact investors when evaluating their potential and existing WASH investments.


Discover the European Microfinance Week 2022 Session Videos

Delve into the recordings of the hybrid sessions covering key topics such as climate and green finance, social performance, digital financial inclusion, women's financial inclusion, WASH, refugee finance, client protection and more.

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EMW2022 Plenary: Building a Responsible Digital Finance Ecosystem

The plenary shares insights and research on responsible digital financial services (DFS) including research on the new consumer risks associated with DFS and the development of an ecosystem approach to responsible DFS.


The New Green Index 3.0: Mainstreaming Green Inclusive Finance

This publication documents the update process and presents the new Green Index 3.0, its standards and indicators as well as its scoring system and potential uses.


Financial Inclusion that Works for Women: Lessons and Best Practices from the European Microfinance Award 2022

This publication condenses the themes, pulls together the outstanding cases, profiles the 10 semi-finalists of the European Microfinance Award 2022.


e-MFP’s Financial Inclusion Compass 2022 Is Now Available in English, Spanish and French

The survey on which this paper is based was open in May and June 2022, giving stakeholders the opportunity to evaluate and describe the importance of various current trends, rate and give opinions on future priority areas.


Time to Register for the European Microfinance Week, 16-18 November

The event features an excellent line-up across several thematic streams, such as "Financial Inclusion that Works for Women" - the topic of the European Microfinance Award, climate-smart finance, digitalization, client protection, among others.


The Financial Inclusion Compass 2022

This publication is based on a survey (May and June 2022), giving practitioners, funders, researchers, and support service providers the opportunity to evaluate and describe the importance of various current trends as well as rate and opine on future priority areas.