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Habitat for Humanity International Update - MicroBuild Fund

MicroBuild will provide significant debt relief to Al Majmoua to help alleviate financial pressures and support the MFI’s ongoing efforts to fulfill its social objectives.

Case Study

Improving Access to Housing Microfinance Solutions Among Low-Income Households in the Philippines

Opportunities and challenges of designing housing products


Building Assets, Unlocking Access: How Support Services Can Add to Housing Microfinance

Lessons learned and recommendations for future housing support services

Building Assets, Unlocking Access: Centenary Bank Impact Evaluation Report

Assessing attributable project impact on improving a range of outcomes for clients
Case Study

Branding and Marketing Strategy for Housing Microfinance Products

Case study exploring brand challenges and available solutions for two microfinance banks

Housing Microfinance and Tenure Security: Understanding Their Relationship in Uganda

How is land tenure connected to a household's investment in their housing or property?

Artisan Training to Improve Housing Quality

Findings confirm connection between access to quality affordable housing and skilled labor

Delinquency Management Technical Brief

Addressing the need for ongoing training and change management as keys to managing delinquency

Building Assets, Unlocking Access: KWFT Housing Microfinance Impact Evaluation Final Report

Findings on the impact of housing microfinance on the borrowers' quality of life
Case Study

Building the Business Case for Housing Microfinance: Sub-Saharan Africa

Six-year study with 47,000 households demonstrating the win-win model of housing microfinance