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Remittances in Times of Crisis: Facing the Challenges of COVID-19

Announcing the Remittance Community Task Force to regularly provide information concerning the challenges facing remittance families in the social and economic fallout during the coming months through its Briefs.



RemitSCOPE is an online tool providing regional, subregional and country-level data and market analysis through four key areas: key figures on population, remittances and migration, markets, regulatory environment and inclusive financial services.

Conference -

Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development - Africa 2020

This three-day forum will focus on opportunities and challenges in the African remittance market, and the impact these flows can have on the sustainable development of migrants' communities of origin.


The Use of Remittances and Financial Inclusion

Leveraging the economic impact of remittances for sustainable development and financial inclusion

Remittances at the Post Office in Africa: Serving the Financial Needs of Migrants and Their Families in Rural Areas

Exploring the potential role of postal networks in rural development

Remittance Markets and Opportunities: Asia and the Pacific - Key Findings from RemitSCOPE.org

A snapshot of the findings, analyses and insights about the regional remittance market

Remote Sensing for Index Insurance: Findings and Lessons Learned for Smallholder Agriculture

Recommendations for improving index insurance products