Making Agricultural and Climate Risk Insurance Gender Inclusive

How to improve access to insurance for rural women

IFAD’s technical assistance program INSURED (Insurance for rural resilience and economic development) has been building knowledge about how to strengthen women producers’ access to climate risk insurance. Working with partners, INSURED supported research, and fieldwork in Ethiopia including group discussions with smallholders about insurance options.

In order to improve the value and delivery of agricultural and climate risk insurance to the female farming community, designers and implementers need to reach out to women every step of the way, identifying entry points and distribution channels for a gender-responsive approach. The brief includes a checklist intended to guide this process and expands on the following five key action areas and elements:

  1. Identification of groups within the female farming community and gender-sensitive demand assessments.
  2. Gender-responsive insurance literacy materials and dissemination.
  3. Advocacy and capacity-building for gender-responsive insurance solutions with governments and providers.
  4. Distribution partnerships with private sector and civil society actors.
  5. Data infrastructure to capture sex-disaggregated data in the insurance workstream.

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