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Some Thoughts on Access to Markets as a Strategy to Address Poverty

The thought process guiding ICICI Bank's work in India building access to finance and markets

Regulatory Aspects of Universalising Financial Services Access

What kind of regulation is necessary for universalisation?

Expanding Access to Financial Services - Where do we go from here?

How can India broaden the access of financial services to the poor?
Case study

Health Shocks and Economic Vulnerability in Rural India: Break the Vicious Circle (Recommendations to Seva Mandir)

What are the special advantages of non-government organizations in providing health insurance?

Repayment Frequency and Default in Microfinance: Evidence from India

Finds no significant correlation between type of repayment schedule and client delinquency.

Microfinance in India: Current Trends and Challenges

Providing an overview of the supply, demand and potential of the microfinance sector in India

Reputation and Communication in Microfinance: An Exploratory Study in Orissa, India

How can MFIs improve their communications strategy to develop a sound reputation?

Securitization and the Challenges Faced in Microfinance

How do banks protect themselves form the risks inherent in securitization?

An Approach Paper for the Delivery of Comprehensive Financial Services to the Informal and Unorganised Sector

A Study: Facilitative infrastructure for the growth of the unorganized sector in India

A Blueprint for the Delivery of Comprehensive Financial Services to the Poor in India

Towards a new vision of financial services delivery for the poor