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Empowering Rural Women in Mali Through Self-Help Groups

This study highlights the approach used to enable women to access credit and develop income-generating activities that contribute to their empowerment and give them access to microcredit.

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Understanding Customers in Environments of Severe Climate-Related Weather Events

This demand side study in Nigeria and Bangladesh aims to provide firsthand information about how vulnerable people build and lose resilience, as well as a close view of how they gather and spend funds to cope with a climate crisis.

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The Six Village Story – India: An Assessment of the Real Gap in Financial Inclusion

This study intends to unpack the on-ground status of financial inclusion in six villages in India.


Conversational Payments on UPI: Unlocking New Frontiers for Next-Generation Payments

This white paper, highlights a solution to improve inclusivity for underserved users who lack smartphone access and become a game changer in the payments space.


Building an Ecosystem of Collections Through BBPS

This new white paper traces Bharat Bill Payment System's journey and examines its potential in the next decade.


Decoding the Extent and Exposure of Financial Fraud Among DFS Customers

This publication decodes the extent and exposure of financial fraud among digital financial services’ customers and offers insights and policy recommendations.

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Decoding the Practices of CICO Agents in Indonesia

This study was conducted to understand the world of cash-in/cash-out agents through MSC's innovative diaries research methodology.

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Cash-in and Cash-out (CICO) Agent Use Cases: Opportunities for Diversification

This publication recommends solutions to foster CICO agent sustainability, such as evaluation of agent willingness, mobility, technical and soft skills, digital savviness, financial sustainability, ability to identify potential customers, and others.


Climate Resilient Agriculture (CRAg) Whitepaper

This whitepaper examines how stakeholders can use and finance digital technology to address smallholder farmers’ challenges caused by conflict, the pandemic, and climate change.

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Money Purse Handbook

This handbook examines the potential of digital transformations for last-mile financial inclusion institutions like self-help groups and how that can impact their efficiency and accountability.