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Potential for Cost-Reducing and Efficiency Increasing Measures in Financial Institutions

Case studies of six commercial banks highlighting a broad range of measures for MFIs

Microfinance Investment Funds: Objectives, Players, Potential

Are the microfinance investment funds following the same path as the microfinance institutions?

Governance, Transparency and Accountability

Towards improving the state of fiduciary governance

Financial Sector Development in SEE: The Roles of EU Accession and Basel II

What role can EU accession and Basel II play in financial sector development in South East Europe?

Looking Ahead - Opportunities for Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Financial Development in Southeast Europe

Can public private partnerships succeed in financial sector development?
Case study

KfW's Comprehensive Approach to Financial Sector Strengthening: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Is financial sector development possible in an unstable, high risk environment?

Governance, Transparency and Accountability (Presentation)

Proceedings from "The 2004 KfW Financial Sector Development Symposium," Berlin, Germany

Understanding Demand for Microinsurance: A Crucial Step to Develop Market-led Products

Will micro insurance succeed in the face of present inhibitors?

Securitisation: A Funding Alternative for Microfinance Institutions? (Presentation)

Proceedings from "New Partnerships for Innovation in Microfinance', 2005, Heidelberg, Germany