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Savings and Financial Education for Girls in Mongolia: Impact Assessment Baseline Study

Gathering data on girls' knowledge of, comfort with, and ability to control banking products

"A Friend Indeed": Evaluation of an Insurance Education Radio Campaign in Kenya

Examining the effectiveness of mass media in insurance consumer education

Uncovering Barriers to Branchless Banking: A Synthesis of Consumer Capability Research in India, Malawi, Philippines, and Zambia

Does digital literacy of low-income consumers translate into better money management practices?
Case study

Microfinance & E-payments in Zambia: The Role of Consumer Education in Promoting Adoption

Field insights on the impact of financial education in branchless banking

Zambia Financial Diaries: Interim Report

Shedding light on the financial behavior of low-income families

Making Microfinance More Client-Led

How to go about implementing a client focused microfinance agenda?

Listening to Clients: How to Better Serve Your Customers

How can MFIs use market research tools to better understand their clients?

Attracting the Unbanked: Preliminary Guidelines for Maximizing Existing Infrastructure through Serving Untapped Markets

Guidelines for MFIs to identify unbanked clients and develop strategies to improve outreach

Market Research for Financial Education (Working Paper #2)

How does market research help in defining the goals of financial education?

Assessing the Outcomes of Financial Education (Working Paper #3)

How to assess the outcomes and impacts of financial education programs?