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Impact Assessment of Microfinance: Towards a New Protocol for Collection and Analysis of Qualitative Data

Can a standard tool for qualitative assessment be created?

Impact Assessment of the PULSE Microfinance Programme in Lusaka, Zambia

Measuring the success of the PULSE initiative

Adverse Selection in Credit Markets: Evidence from South Indian Bidding Roscas

Testing for information asymmetries in Roscas

Tackling the 'Frontier' of Microfinance Provision in Kenya: Reaching Remoter Areas with Financial Services

Effectiveness of centralized and decentralized microfinance services in Kenya to increase outreach
Guide / Toolkit

Financial Landscapes Revisited: An Institutional Approach to Roots and Branches

Examining the factors affecting financial markets in Kenya

Microfinance North and South: Contrasting Current Debates

Examining different approaches to microfinance in the developed and developing world

Peer Monitoring and Moral Hazard in Underdeveloped Credit Markets

Problems and alternatives: Group lending to delegated monitoring