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Case study

Using Pay-for-Results to Catalyze Affordable Housing Development

This case study analyzes the Haiti Homeownership and Mortgage Expansion program’s methodology for designing its Pay-for-Results incentive structure, its results, and lessons learned.


Rwanda Credit Unions Member & Non-member

Why do members of Credit Unions prefer services that come with checking/current accounts?
Case study

Nicaragua Financial Services to Microentrepreneurs: A Study Of Rural Credit Unions

How did Hurricane Mitch affect microfinance activity in small enterprises in Nicaragua?

Buyer and Supplier Credit to Farmers: Do Donors have a Role to Play?

Proceedings: Paving the Way Forward for Rural Finance: An International Conference on Best Practices

The Impact of Credit Unions in Guatemalan Financial Markets

What has happened to small-scale credit union services in Guatemala since its strengthening project?
Case study

The Road To Success: Another Crossroads: Experiences from the Honduras Cooperative Strengthening Project

How have credit unions grown and changed over the course of the strengthening project?

Pearls Monitoring System

Decoding the PEARLS monitoring system
Guide / Toolkit

A Technical Guide to Rural Finance: Exploring Products

How to improve rural finance practice?