Women Entrepreneurs: Issues and Barriers - A Regional, National and International Perspective

Challenges and the need for networks to promote women entrepreneurs and foster business development
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This report discusses two main issues and barriers pertaining to:

  • Women's entrepreneurship and business growth;
  • Establishing a network of business support centers for women entrepreneurs.

While discussing the first issue, the paper elaborates the following factors hindering women-headed enterprises:

  • Per-start up experiences of the labor market;
  • Traditional views on women's role;
  • The financing of female-owned firms;
  • Use of networks in the management of firms;
  • Lack of knowledge and training in business and information technology (IT) skills;
  • Low self esteem/perception.

While elaborating the second issue, need for networking support, the paper discusses the following points that need to be taken into consideration:

  • Tradition, perception and self-perception;
  • Longer incubation period for businesses started by women than by men;
  • Different types of networks created for women and men;
  • Variations in network usage;
  • Inconsistency of current networks to support women entrepreneurs.

The paper further highlights some of barriers that women entrepreneurs face:

  • Family obligations;
  • Low priority to traditional women set-up enterprises;
  • Social barriers;
  • Lack of strategy to foster entrepreneurship and overcome barriers;
  • Need for research regarding the usability of networks.

The paper concludes by throwing light on some contemporary trends in helping women-owned enterprises reach success.

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By Eastwood, T.