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Rural Women’s Access to Financial Services: Credit, Savings and Insurance

How can we ensure that farmers have adequate access to financial resources?
Case study

Innovations for Inclusive Agricultural Finance and Risk Mitigation Mechanisms: The Case of Tamwil El Fellah in Morocco

Analysis of a business model for bringing financial services to poor agricultural households

Microfinance Strategy for Pastoral Risk Management

What role does pastoral microfinance have to play in risk management strategies?

Prudential Regulation and Supervision for Agricultural Finance

Providing affordable and sustainable rural financial services through prudential regulation

Credit Guarantees: An Assessment of the State of Knowledge and New Avenues of Research

Can innovative approaches solve the debate about credit guarantees?

Banking for the Environment

How can environmental sustainability be promoted?

Safeguarding Deposits: Learning from Experience

How can deposits remain secure in times of financial crisis?

Better Practices in Agricultural Lending

What can turn around the failures of rural financial institutions in delivering agricultural credit?