GEM 2004 Report on Women and Entrepreneurship

Factors affecting the role of women as entrepreneurs
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This paper provides insights on women's entrepreneurship talent and the role women play in developing and developed counties. As per the paper, factors such as education, financial support, network and mentoring play a positive role in increasing women's involvement in enterprise. It further elaborates on the following factors:

  • Socio-economic factors:
    • Age;
    • Education;
    • Work status;
    • Knowledge of other enterprise owners.
  • Perceptual factors:
    • Opportunity perception;
    • Skills and knowledge;
    • Fear of failure.

The paper highlights the policy implications of various sized enterprises with regards to geographical diversity. Some of the universal best practices that it recommends are:

  • Eliminating barriers of competition;
  • Reducing regulatory burdens;
  • Proving efficient services for upcoming enterprises.

The paper concludes by making specific policy recommendations for low-income countries, middle-income countries and high-income countries.

About this Publication

By Minniti, M., Arenius, P. & Langowitz, N.