Microenterprises and Microfinance in Ecuador: Results of the 2004 Baseline Study of Microenterprises

Findings and conclusions of the 2004 National Microenterprise Study in Ecuador
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This document highlights the importance of microfinance and various activities associated with it in Ecuador.

The document discusses the following:

  • Definition of microfinance;
  • Employment opportunities provided by microfinance activities in Ecuador;
  • Current status of microfinance in the country;
  • Impact of gender on microenterprises;
  • Various business occupations and aspects related to them;
  • Issues related to sales and incomes generated from microenterprises;
  • Growth, success and various problems associated with starting with microenterprises.

The document further talks about the following:

  • Various sources of funding and access to funding for these enterprises;
  • Access to other financial services for people in Ecuador;
  • Various factors playing an important role in the use of these financial services by microentrepreneurs;
  • Roles of microfinance institutions (MFIS)and donors.

The document concludes by discussing the possible lessons that a MFI in Ecuador can learn to improve its service to customers and also to improve its overall performance.

About this Publication

By Magill, J. & Meyer, R.