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DAI Acquires International Asset Management Firm, MicroVest

Acquisition in high-growth ESG/impact investing arena enhances DAI’s ability to spur investment in emerging and frontier economies.


Gender-Smart Investing in MENA

The goal of this Brief is to catalyze discussion and action across gender-smart investing practitioners, Egyptian firms and impact investors.

Case Study

Overview of Practical Challenges in Local Saving Mobilization by Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions

Identifying challenges faced by Ethiopian MFIs working for savings mobilization

Practical Issues in Local Saving Mobilization by MFIs

Highlighting issues encountered by Ethiopian MFIs attempting to mobilize savings

Managing Growth: The Organizational Architecture of Microfinance Institutions

How can microfinance institutions achieve growth with outreach and sustainability?

Bangladeshi Experience in Adapting Financial Services to Cope with Floods: Implications for the Microfinance Industry

How do microfinance organizations operate during a natural disaster?
Case Study

Bayantel Public Calling Offices: A Case Study on the Provision of Communications Services to Micro and Small Enterprises in the Philippines

Factors that make Public Calling Offices successful in catering to micro and small enterprises

Microfinance Donors: Preparing for Natural Disaster

The donor's role in risk-proofing the microfinance industry for large-scale natural disasters

Non-Financial Emergency Services to MFI Clients

Can MFIs engage in relief activities without decreasing their credibility as financial institutions?

Pre-Disaster Planning to Protect Microfinance Institutions

How can MFIs decrease vulnerability, protect solvency and ensure a rapid response to disaster?