MFPN Strategic Plan 2010-2014

Strengthening the the Microfinance Pasifika Network
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This document presents the executive summary of the revised and updated strategic plan of the Microfinance Pasifika Network (MFPN) for the period 2010-2014. The revised plan follows from the MFPN Long term Strategic plan 2006-2009.

MFPN is a microfinance and financial sector network in the Pacific, committed to improving the quality of life of disadvantaged people through the provision of inclusive and sustainable financial services. MFPN currently has 21 members including policy-making institutions, NGOs, MFIs, regulated financial institutions, support organizations, donors, and international agencies. The five-year key objectives of the network are to:

  • Promote and facilitate exchange of information across the microfinance industry;
  • Promote development and delivery of appropriate microfinance products and services;
  • Enhance capacity of microfinance service providers;
  • Improve transparency and standards of practice;
  • Encourage partnerships and links among stakeholders.

The summary discusses the factors influencing the region’s microfinance industry. It also presents the SWOT analysis of MFPN, its short-term and long-term goals, critical issues affecting MFPN and key elements of the strategy to address them, and the organizational, financial and communications plans of MFPN.