Leveraging Migration for Africa: Remittances, Skills, and Investments

Role of migration and remittances in reducing poverty
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This book by the African Development Bank and the World Bank examines migration and remittance trends in Africa. It analyzes determinants of migration and discusses policy measures for enhancing the developmental impact of migration.

The authors note that about three percent of Africa's population has migrated internationally. Information on the nature and impact of migratory patterns is essential to maximize gains from migration. The book focuses on four key policy areas, namely,

  • Managing migrations from and within Africa;
  • Improving efficiency of migrant remittances;
  • Managing high-skilled migrations,
  • Eliciting contributions from the diaspora.

The authors observe that African governments can improve benefits of migration by strengthening ties to the diaspora, improving competition in remittance markets, designing educational policies to address challenges of high-skilled migration and providing information and protection for emigrant workers. The book also identifies challenges faced by governments in introducing effective policy measures.

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By Ratha, D., Mohapatra, S., Ozden, C. et al