Where Next for Aid? The Post-2015 Opportunity

Identifying the importance of development aid in the post-2015 era

This paper looks at whether development aid will remain important and relevant in the post-2015 era, and asks how it should evolve in response to a new international context. It discusses qualities of international public finance and assesses the new context and challenges. It further suggests next steps in international financial cooperation and focuses on the use of international public finance for sustainable development. It also emphasizes the need for establishing financing on a permanent basis and its allocation according to a broader set of criteria rather than concentrating only on per capita income. The paper covers the following topics in detail:

  • International public finance: what is it and why does it matter;
  • Development aid in a new world with a discussion on the implications for development aid and international public finance in the post-2015 era;
  • Use of international public finance for sustainable development with a focus on steps for mobilizing and improving the current architecture.

About this Publication

By Glennie, J. & Hurley, G.