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Universal Trusted Credentials (UTC): Transforming Access to Finance for MSMEs and Beyond

This report outlines the transformative potential of Universal Trusted Credentials (UTCs) and describes the UTC framework, potential use cases, coordination structures, recommended policies, and modes of engagement that stakeholders can engage in.


Interoperability of Financial Services Providers: Afghanistan

This report looks for solutions for restarting the Afghanistan Payment System and ensuring interoperability to enable adoption of digital payments across the country.


Where Next for Aid? The Post-2015 Opportunity

Identifying the importance of development aid in the post-2015 era
Case Study

Samruddhi: The Madhya Pradesh Model of Financial Inclusion

Evaluating a financial inclusion model in India
Case Study

Youth's Financial Inclusion Policy Reform Study: Case Study of Youth in Post and Ongoing Conflict

Identifying the opportunities and challenges in demand and supply of microfinance services in Sudan

Ready Reckoner on Microfinance

Providing a single source for all relevant information on microfinance

Recovery of the Financial Sector and Building Financial Inclusiveness

Building an inclusive financial system in Zimbabwe