Promoting Insurance in Ghana

Project overviews providing information about insurance industry challenges and lessons learned
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These four publications provide an overview of components of the Programme for Sustainable Economic Development's project, Promoting Insurance in Ghana, implemented in 2009. The documents provide an analysis of the project-related challenges, lessons learned and solutions for each component:

  1. Risk-based Supervision: The role of insurance supervision in promoting the maintenance of a fair, safe and stable insurance sector for the benefit and protection of policyholders;
  2. Building Insurers’ Capacity: The promotion of (micro-)insurance market development - a joint effort of both the public and the private sector;
  3. (Micro-)Insurance Awareness: The importance of promoting financial literacy and investing in financial education and awareness programs;
  4. Actuarial Capacity Building: Promoting sustainable growth of the insurance sector through proper design and pricing of insurance products.

About this Publication

By Aggrey-Fynn, V., Obeng, S., Vetter, S., , Wehnert, B