Friendship Bridge 2014 Impact Report

Outcomes and evaluation of a microfinance plus program
In this report you will see a variety of results from our Microcredit Plus program, some suggestive, some positive, and some from which to learn. Overall, our results show Microcredit Plus is increasing the economic stability and agency of our clients. With increased agency, our clients know what they want, believe they can achieve it, and are able to take action to realize it. In this report you will read about outcomes related to our clients’ increased capacity over financial decisions, for economic change, and to aspire for a better future.
These outcomes from 2014 are shaping our strategy as we move forward with our Social Performance Management goals. Our results are leading us to understand poverty with a wider lens —one that encompasses more than just financial outcomes. We are excited to see positive results as clients utilize our Plus services and participate in our program through multiple loan cycles. As we learn from our findings year-to-year we will be increasingly able to expand the bridge and open pathways of empowerment to even more women.


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