Voice of the Client: An Analysis of Client Satisfaction and Consumer Protection Across Four MFIs in Peru

Tracking client feedback to improve impact on the populations MFIs aim to serve
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This report presents the findings of the Voice of the Client project in Peru, the second phase of a joint initiative developed by Hivos and MIX with the objective to strengthen the application of Client Protection Principles in the microfinance sector and ensure that financial services are tailored to meet client needs.  This initiative leverages mobile technology for microfinance institutions (MFIs) to proactively reach out to clients to uncover potential issues affecting their level of satisfaction with the suite of products and services offered. The analysis is based on data collected via interactive voice responses, call centers and face-to-face interviews from 3,767 clients across four MFIs in Peru. The participating MFIs were Caja Municipal de Ahorro y Crédito (CMAC) Arequipa, Financiera Compartamos, Financiera ProEmpresa, and Fondesurco. Whenever data are available, the report also provides client-level analysis that is primarily focused on gender. 

The analysis represents a novel attempt to create benchmarks based on client-level data in the Peruvian market with the aim of providing MFIs and funders with actionable data sourced directly from clients that can be leveraged to address areas of weakness and improve operations accordingly. By regularly tracking how clients perceive the customer service they receive, microfinance stakeholders can design programs that better meet client needs and preferences and, more broadly, improve their impact on the population they aim to serve.

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By Foelster, J., Pierantozzi, A. , Pistelli, M.