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Responsible Finance Forum (RFF): Bridging Inclusion and Innovation to Improve People’s Lives

RFF convenes global stakeholders to assess and manage evolving consumer risks faced by financial systems and low-income people.


India: RBI Cautions Micro Lenders, NBFCs Against High, ’Usurious’ Interest Rates

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Friday said it has come across instances of micro lenders and non-bank financiers charging high, 'usurious' interest rates on small-value loans, reminding them to judiciously use their pricing power. 

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Can Smartphone-Supported Behavioral Biometrics Advance Digital Financial Inclusion?

Behavioral biometrics, an emerging technology which uses AI and machine learning to examine behavioral patterns to authenticate users, presents the financial inclusion sector with exciting opportunities as well as challenges.


Uganda: Online Lenders Harassing Borrowers Risk Closure

Licensed digital/online money lenders, who are diverting from the newly issued digital lending guidelines issued in March by the Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority (Umra), risk having their licenses revoked, the sector regulator has warned.


Registration Now Open for Responsible Finance Forum July 2-3 in Fortaleza, Brazil

Registration is now open for the annual Responsible Finance Forum (RFF) event, convened by the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion, which will take place July 2-3, 2024 in Fortaleza, Brazil. 

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Understanding Users’ Experience With Digital Lending Applications in India

This slide deck shares the results of a survey conducted by MSC and FACE to analyze user knowledge and behavior regarding digital lending applications (DLAs) and digital loans.

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Responsible Equity Exits: Lessons From Cambodia

What can impact investors learn from Taylor Swift? Ensure their investments end up in good hands when it's time to sell.

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Four Major Challenges Faced by Mobile Money Users in Senegal

As access to digital finance grows, so do the risks. A concrete action plan involving all stakeholders is needed to address them.


Carping Critics and the Microfinance Conundrum

Based on its recent impact assessment study of Cambodian microfinance, M-CRIL has written two advisory notes which examine the validity of some of the sensational international headlines and propose reform measures for the sector.


Positive Friction for Responsible Digital Lending: A Call to Action

This report explores how strategically adding friction to digital financial services can benefit both lenders and borrowers.