Global Landscape Study on Digitising P2G Payments

Opportunities and challenges associated with digitizing person-to-government payments

This study is the first-ever comprehensive effort to examine the opportunities and challenges associated with digitizing person-to-government (P2G) payments, including mandatory payments (taxes, bill payments and fines), payments for government services (fees for passport, visa), as well as co-payments for social benefits (pensions). Following a preliminary global scan of 61 initiatives, the study covers nine diverse P2G initiatives across seven countries, focusing on those in Rwanda, the Philippines, and India, where in-country research was conducted.

The report provides recommendations for governments and businesses, emphasizing catalytic options and pitfalls with respect to each stakeholder group, while encouraging a jointly-crafted, systematic approach to digitization. The study explores the following key questions:

  • Can digitizing P2G payments drive financial inclusion?
  • What does it take to set up efficient, sustainable and inclusive digital P2G payment systems?

About this Publication

By Thomas, A., Pande, V. , Totapally, S.