Gender and Digital Financial Inclusion: What Do We Know and What Do We Need to Know?

Overview of the current body of evidence on women’s access and usage of financial services

This report provides an overview of the field of gender and financial inclusion, particularly digital financial inclusion, undertaking a systematic review of key literature in the field and developing a gap analysis based on the key themes and geography that describe where the research and policy efforts have been concentrated to date. The report aims to identify areas for further research and opportunities to delve deeper into issues of gender and digital financial inclusion with a view to promoting and sustaining inclusive and more equitable growth and local development.

Specifically, the following were the key objectives of the review:

  1. To understand where and how gender influences financial inclusion and digital financial inclusion;
  2. To represent the strength of the evidence base to show what the field knows and where there are gaps;
  3. To highlight potential questions and knowledge gaps to inform a learning agenda for the wider field and future investments.

About this Publication

By Gammage, S., Kes, A., Winograd, L., Sultana, N., Hiller, S. , Bourgault, S.