Enhancing Women’s Economic Empowerment Through Digital Cash Transfers: Digitize/Direct/Design (D3) Criteria - An Application to Tanzania

Diagnostic for Tanzania's national Productive Social Safety Net assistance program
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Digital transfers of social protection payments can provide women with independent access to predictable income streams, and digital payments can give female recipients greater control over how the money will be used. At the same time, intentional and effective design and delivery are critical to maximize benefits and reduce potential risks.

This document outlines how Tanzania's Productive Social Safety Net (PSSN) performs on the criteria that can help realize the potential of social protection for women’s economic empowerment. It analyzes how and where the program could be designed differently to better serve poor women. The hope is that this serves as a useful basis to work out – with government and relevant development partners – how best to test and/or implement the recommended changes.

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By Flora Myamba , Caroline Pulver