Financial Literacy for Migrants - Mapping and Needs Assessment

Assessing financial literacy needs of key target groups involved in migration processes
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This research was executed on behalf of the Central Bank of Armenia (CBA) to contribute to the CBA National Financial Education Strategy 2020-2024. It aims to specify and map the key target groups involved in the migration processes in Armenia, assess their financial literacy needs and develop recommendations to meet those needs.

The largest groups involved in migration processes in Armenia are migrant workers (99,000), refugees and persons in refugee-like situation  (18,000) - including about 15,000 Syrian-Armenians - and the group of returned/deported from other countries who have returned to Armenia (2,077).

The findings of the study, round-table and focus group discussions on the available external migration content laid basis for mapping out and introducing recommendations on both the channels and content of financial training for migrants, and the action plan and the budget required for taking such actions.

About this Publication

By Heghine Manasyan, Susanna Karapetyan, Sonya Msryan, Ruben Yeganyan and Sona Balasanyan