Over 89 million people worldwide have been forced to leave their homes, displaced by conflict or persecution. At least 27 million of these people are refugees who fled their countries to seek safety in another country. Over 53 million are internally displaced people who were forced to flee their homes, but remained in their own country. 

The financial industry has largely overlooked this population as a viable segment, perceiving them as too risky. A major misconception is that refugees are constantly on the move and will only remain for a short while in their host country. However, 78 percent of all refugees are in protracted refugee situations, meaning populations of 25,000 or more refugees from the same nationality who have been in exile for five consecutive years or more in a given host country. And mounting evidence shows that refugees are as credit-worthy, with repayment rates as high as those of non-refugees. 

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This study brings to light the challenges forcibly displaced persons face in accessing economic opportunities and puts forth a financial health framework for measuring progress against these challenges.


This research investigates the appetite of female refugees in Jordan towards mobile money and studies their behavior to better cater to their needs in collaboration with sector players.

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