Signatory Organizations Report on COVID-19 Pledge Implementation and Lessons Learned

Sharing insights from the implementation of the pledge principles

Over the past months, the financial inclusion sector has embarked on a journey to face the COVID-19 crisis. On the field, financial service providers have taken measures to face the health risks, lock downs and the economic recession. They have also formed a global coalition to make their voice heard. Debt providers, investors, support organizations and technical assistance providers had to adapt their intervention principles and coordinate their actions.

By signing the Pledge on Key principles to protect microfinance institutions and their clients in the COVID-19 crisis (the “Pledge”), 30 signatories committed to complying with some key principles. Six months after the signature of the Pledge, a working group of signatories draws lessons from the implementation of the pledge principles:

  • To what extent have we implemented pledge principles?
  • What have been the major challenges?
  • What lessons do we learn to better face the crisis and be up to our Pledge in the months to come?

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