As countries around the world take measures to protect their populations against the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, it is clear that this pandemic will have not only far-reaching public health consequences but also severe economic effects. As always, poor and marginalized people without access to adequate safety nets are the most at risk. 

For the FinDev Gateway community of financial inclusion and microfinance practitioners around the globe - and in particular microfinance clients - each day presents new challenges. There are no best practices yet in place, so communication and knowledge exchange with peers can play a vital role in providing support in difficult times. 

This Topic Hub on COVID-19 provides a collective space for our community to share experiences, ideas and lessons learned as we all struggle to manage this unprecedented global crisis.

Visit FinDev's regional platforms for resources in SpanishFrench, and Arabic relevant for the financial inclusion community in Latin America and the Caribbean, Francophone Africa, and the Arab world.

COVID-10 FinDev Weekly Updates - Stay up-to-date on how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the financial inclusion community with our curated list of news, blogs, publications, data and events published by various organizations worldwide.

FinDev Guide to Data: Tracking the Global Response to COVID-19 - Many organizations are mobilizing resources to track various responses to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We have compiled a list of existing data sources and trackers, indicating the level of relevance for microfinance and financial inclusion when possible.  

Organizations List - Many organizations have created specialized COVID-19 information hubs which are relevant for financial inclusion.

FinDev Discussion - COVID-19: How Is the Pandemic Affecting Your Work and the Clients You Serve?

We invited organizations from around the world to share their experiences and thoughts on how the ongoing global health crisis is impacting their work. Join the discussion and tell us how your organization is dealing with this situation, what challenges you are facing, and what ideas you have for supporting those who most need it. 

CGAP Collection Page - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Insights for Inclusive Finance

CGAP is compiling a list of resources from its own research and blog posts to help inform the response. This is a living resource updated regularly.

Publications - Explore the latest research on the implications of coronavirus COVID-19 for microfinance and financial inclusion.  

Events - Check out upcoming online events exploring responses to the novel coronavirus pandemic and actions relevant for microfinance and financial inclusion. 

News - Keep up with the latest news on how COVID-19 is impacting the microfinance and financial inclusion community.

FinDev Gateway is CGAP’s independent knowledge-sharing platform where the global financial inclusion community comes together to share the latest research, lessons and ideas on making financial services work for poor people.

This COVID-19 Resource Hub brings together the latest news, publications, blogs, events and other resources that organizations are sharing as we all struggle to manage this unprecedented global crisis. We invite you to include your resources by sharing your work on FinDev Gateway.

From the FinDev Blog

The FinDev Blog features views from financial inclusion and microfinance practitioners from around the world who contribute to our blog in EnglishSpanishFrench, and Arabic.


FinDev Blog

As food prices rise, data from the COVID-19 pandemic shows us which households will suffer the most, and what makes them vulnerable.

FinDev Blog

Business support organizations in Brazil and Peru share how they used this digital tool to build entrepreneur communities and capacity.

FinDev Guide

A roundup of the most relevant coronavirus-related news, resources and events from the past two weeks

Tracking Responses to COVID-19

FinDev Data Tracker

FinDev Coronavirus Data Tracker

Data relevant for financial inclusion - find out who is tracking what

Man on a boat with a lantern. Photo by Uttam Kamati, 2017 CGAP Photo Contest.

Global Community Response to COVID-19

List of organizations offering knowledge resources and insights on coronavirus and microfinance

Woman walking. Photo by Curt Carnemark, World Bank.

FinDev COVID-19 Updates on Financial Inclusion

A weekly roundup of the most relevant coronavirus-related resources for the microfinance and financial inclusion community

Featured Publications

FinDev Gateway hosts the largest, freely available online collection of resources dedicated to microfinance and financial inclusion. We source and accept submissions for a range of publications that cover over 30 topics



This Migration and Development Brief provides updates on global trends in migration and remittances highlighting developments related to migration-related SDG indicators.


This snapshot is part of a series published by CGAP and Symbiotics, offering regular updates on how COVID-19 is affecting the microfinance sector’s portfolio quality, financial health, and ability to serve excluded clients.


This policy brief examines the types of regulatory flexibility adopted in response to the pandemic and provides early evidence on the impact of these measures.

Featured Events

FinDev offers an extensive calendar of microfinance and financial inclusion events hosted by over 100 organizations from around the world.


Woman painting globes, India. Photo by Supriya Biswas, 2009 CGAP Photo Contest.
Member Webinar

What Is the Future of Microfinance?

What does the COVID-19 crisis mean for the future of microfinance? Should MFIs take digital transformation more seriously? What will it take to get them there? And what is at stake if they don’t modernize?

External Webinar

This webinar discussed ways of improving data-collection for remittances, making transfers easier and cheaper using new technologies, and maximizing the impact of remittances.

External Webinar

Speakers in this webinar presented the preliminary results from their study, "Estimating the Effect of Digital Credit: An Experiment with Airtel Malawi."

Additional Resources

Photo by Thao Vu Xuan, 2016 CGAP Photo Contest.

COVID-19-Insights for Inclusive Finance

Collection of recent CGAP blogs and publications

Children raising their hands. Photo by Arne Hoel, World Bank.

Discussion Forum

Forum for the financial inclusion sector to discuss responses to COVID-19

Women's Financial Resiliency as it Relates to COVID-19

FinEquity COVID-19 Collection: Women's Financial Resiliency

Materials crowd-sourced from the FinEquity community

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To help the microfinance and financial inclusion community stay up-to-date with the most recent developments related to coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on the sector, we encourage organizations to share their publications, events, news and other resources responding to the crisis.

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FinDev Gateway has created the COVID-19 Weekly Update series with the latest and most relevant knowledge resources for financial inclusion and microfinance, carefully curated by FinDev editors. The update includes a quick summary of what FinDev editors are reading followed by a listing of the most recent publications, blogs and events related to the ongoing crisis.

At the end of each week, we publish the update on FinDev Gateway and send out an email to our newsletter subscribers featuring the top coronavirus-related news, resources and events from the past week.

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FinDev Regional Resources on COVID-19

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FinDev's Arabic Portal

Arabic information source for microfinance community in the Arab World

Allison Shelley for CGAP, 2017.

FinDev's French Portal for SSA

Resources in French for the Francophone microfinance community

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FinDev's Spanish Portal for LAC

Knowledge center with Spanish resources for the LAC microfinance community

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