Bridging the Gap: Emerging Private Sector Response and Recovery Measures for Gender Equality Amid COVID-19

How companies and organizations around the world ensure the economic inclusion and social well-being of their stakeholders

This report aims to inform companies around the world on emerging practices and initiatives for supporting women employees, entrepreneurs, and those in value chains amid the pandemic. It is structured according to six areas of action or pillars:

  1. Well-being and mental health.
  2. Flexibility and family-friendly policies.
  3. Equal access and use of digital technologies and platforms.
  4. Equal access to financial and non-financial services.
  5. Inclusive supply chains and support for women-led businesses.
  6. Addressing and preventing gender-based violence.

Each thematic pillar provides a short introduction, examples of what companies are doing to further progress, and practices and takeaways that other companies can apply.

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