The Fintech Gender Gap

Financial inclusion is a key goal for policymakers around the world. Yet women remain unbanked or underbanked relative to men: they have lower access to transaction accounts, credit and other financial services. Hopes are high that fintech can enhance financial inclusion and close the gender gap in access to financial services.

This paper suggests potential explanations for the gender gap and implications for challenges in fostering financial inclusion with new technology. It looks at a novel survey of over 27,000 adults from 28 major economies to investigate gender differences in the adoption of new financial technology. The survey asks detailed questions about individuals' use of and attitude towards 19 categories of fintech products and services provided by fintech entrants and by traditional financial institutions. This allows for a systematic assessment of gender differences in the use of fintech and potential drivers at the individual and country level.

About this Publication

By Sharon Chen, Sebastian Doerr, Jon Frost, Leonardo Gambacorta & Hyun Song Shin