Within Reach: How Digital Wages That Work for Women Can Support Bangladesh’s Economic Future

Wage digitization of low-income populations has the potential to be a win-win opportunity that can deliver both social and economic progress. For workers, especially women, it can mean the chance to open a financial account, and greater economic empowerment. For global buyers it can mean efficiency savings and increased transparency in global supply chains and for financial service providers a new active market segment).

This report shares HERproject’s experience of supporting 70 garment factories in Bangladesh, with a combined workforce of around 170,000 (majority women) to digitize their wages and raises the question "what if all 4 million garment workers in Bangladesh were paid into accounts?". The report includes recommendations for action across three interrelated areas to reach this goal: increasing inclusive access to financial services, building the labor force’s digital financial capability especially women, and increasing opportunities for digital payments in the financial ecosystem.

About this Publication

By Alice Allan, Ella Moffat, Smita Nimilita & Justin Hui