Kenya: A Financial Consumer Protection & Debt Policy Review

Consumer lending, as well as digital lending have exploded in Kenya in recent years. And, a high percentage of those loans are in arrears or default, resulting in significantly negative consequences for financial consumers; including a negative listing on the credit bureau, harassment by debt collectors and in some cases, incarceration. " The law is complex and requires a specialized insolvency law practitioner and funds to pay court filing fees. Thus, a poor person who becomes debt distressed due to the loss of income is likely to remain mired in debt for a long period of time. And, with no outside intervention, this could result in financial exclusion for generations of Kenyans.

This publication looks at the consumer landing landscape for the poor and makes financial inclusion, financial consumer protection, and financial literacy-related suggestions to the Kenyan Government.

About this Publication

By Jami Hubbard & Joe Tan