For more than a century, people have been moving from rural to urban areas, and across national borders in search of better opportunities. Of the over 250 million people currently living outside their countries of origin, approximately 200 million send remittances to their families back home. This money sent home by migrants represents a critical source of income for many people.

In 2017, $613 billion in remittances was sent worldwide, of which $466 billion went to developing countries, more than three times official development assistance. 

While most attention has focused on the aggregate flows of remittances, the amount that matters the most is not measured in millions or billions, but in the individual $200 or $300 sent home regularly. This amount represents 60 percent of total household income and, if leveraged, can effectively improve the living standards of migrants and their communities back home.

Remittances can therefore play an instrumental role in fostering financial inclusion, bringing more individuals into the financial system to achieve their personal financial goals. Through a better understanding of migrant workers and their needs, remittance flows could be leveraged to pull people out of poverty, to develop home countries’ economic infrastructure and to provide additional revenue streams for the financial sector.

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This  report  focuses on the flows of remittances received by each country and sub-region in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2021 and hopes to provide input for decision-making on migration and remittances. 


This paper delves deeply into the complex remittances ecosystem where costs are driven by a myriad of factors, making it difficult to come up with solutions for reducing remittance costs.


This report discusses the importance of remittances in Asia and the Pacific, the key challenges faced by the industry, and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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