How Technology Drives Financial Inclusion in Tajikistan - A Case Study of Humo Lab

Gojo will host a webinar to share how Humo, its newest partner company, has established Humo Lab to spearhead digitalization and innovation. At Humo Lab, several products have been developed and launched, including mobile banking apps, payment apps, kiosks, and more.

The webinar will focus on Humo’s introduction and how it develops its products, sharing best practices. The event will feature Taejun Shin (Founder & CEO, Gojo & Company), Firdavs Mayunusov (Co-founder and General Director, MDO Humo), Firdavs Nuriddinzoda (Director of HumoLab, MDO Humo), moderated by Arnaud Ventura (Managing Partner, Gojo & Company). “Ask Me Anything” session in breakout rooms is planned at the end of the webinar.

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