SPTF Investor Webinar: Joint Investor Framework for COVID Response

In recent weeks, there have been several proposals regarding how investors should coordinate on issues such as liquidity and restructuring to support the financial inclusion sector during COVID. In this webinar, the panelists will discuss the latest proposal -- from Paul DiLeo and Ira Lieberman -- about how investors can coordinate to move forward. 

Paul and Ira's proposal "COVID19: A Framework for the Microfinance Sector", which was published on FinDev Gateway last week, outlines a microfinance investor strategy during the COVID crisis.  The paper includes several concrete recommendations, such as starting with an immediate 90-day standstill and then developing a rescue strategy, centralized steering committee, and crisis units within 30 days. 

On the call, Paul and Ira will discuss the proposal. Then, we will hear feedback on the proposal from socially oriented investors, as well as what they think the next steps are for investors to take coordinated action on these issues. 

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