Open Society Foundation Announces Call for Proposals

29 Mar 2019
World Bank

The Open Society Foundations Economic Justice Program plans to support two projects or experiments in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia that could improve the livelihoods of extremely poor households marginally engaged in the economy or poor women and youth working precariously in the informal economy. 

The Economic Justice Program (EJP) believes that people living in extreme poverty need more than cash to develop sustainable livelihoods, while somewhat better off, but poor, people engaged in the informal economy need social insurance to help them manage the risks and precarious nature of their work. Therefore, EJP aims to award two grants of no more than $300,000 each to address the needs of these two vulnerable populations.

EJP hopes to fund two types of projects that are:

  1. Focused on helping households living in extreme poverty develop sustainable livelihoods.
  2. Addressing the need of poor informal sector workers for social insurance.

Note that, based on the quality of proposals received, the two projects selected for support could fall within just one of these categories.

The Call for Proposals describes in more detail the types of projects that will be supported and a template for the concept note has been provided to be submitted as part of the proposal. Please note that only projects/programs being implemented in Sub-Saharan Africa or South Asia are eligible for funding.

Please submit your proposal to Neide Van-Dunem at [email protected]